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Samsung 3mp Full Hd İp Kamera


Network Box, 3MP, 16:9 Full HD(1080p), H.264/MJPEG Advanced WDR, True Day/Night

Samsung introduces it's updated line of 3MegaPixel Full HD Network Cameras designed for advanced surveillance solutions. These cameras come equipped with progressive technologies such as advanced WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to provide superior images in high contrast scenes and Auto Back Focus to make installation simple. Other features include: SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range) to enhance color reproduction and resolution and reduce signal noise, Face Detection - prioritizing faces in an image, Audio Detection - alerting the system to events beyond the cameras field of view, ROI (Region of Interest) - spotlighting the critical areas in the camera's field of view, and True Day/Night for superior images in the dark. 

Max 3M (2048 x 1536), 16 : 9 Full HD (1080p) resolution    
H.264 & MJPEG dual codec
Simple Focus
Advanced WDR (96dB) / 30fps@2MP WDR
Face Detection, Audio Detection
UPnP (Auto Port Forwarding)


  • Kod: SNB-7002
Fiyatı: 6,900.00TL
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Samsung 3mp Full Hd İp Kamera

Samsung 3mp Full Hd İp Kamera

Fiyatı: 6,900.00TL